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Weber Marine db-A 60 Floor

maxit Marine db-A 60 Floor Click on the picture to enlarge

This system is tested according to IMO FTPC Part 3 (IMO Res.A.754(18)) and approved for use as a fire retarding division of class A-60. It is recommended for ships and offshore installations requiring fire insulating constructions where the material must be non-combustible according to IMO rules.

Composed of the following:

Bottom layer:  1.5 mm Visco-elastic layer (ACM or DG-U1 green from Swedac).

2nd layer: 15 mm Weber.floor 4660 Marine Elastic.

3rd layer: 50 mm non-combustible mineral wool
                  Isover Ultimate U MPN-90 (nominal density 90 kg/m3
                  Isover SP/M 150 (nominal density 150 kg/m3)
                  Paroc marine Floor Slab 140  (nominal density 140 kg/m3)            
                  Rockwool Marine Slab 140 (nominal density 140 kg/m3)

4th layer: Interglas woven glass fabric with weight 100-3000g/m2, or equivalent non-compustible product.

5th layer: Steel reinforcement net Ø 5mm, grid 150x150 mm.

Top layer: 25 mm Weber.floor 4665 Marine Fire.

For further details see datasheets



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