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Weber Saint-Gobain - Official website of the company

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications

Weber is a member of Saint-Gobain Marine Applications, created in 2004. Saint-Gobain Marine Applications has brought together no less than eight renowned specialists in developing and producing solutions and products in the field of glazing, insulation, flooring, interior finishing, climate control and more.

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications

Right from the initial stages of a project, Saint-Gobain Marine Applications provides architects, designers, owners and administrative authorities with a choice of innovative products and services for the construction or renovation of ships and offshore constructions. Our products comply with the environmental, energy efficiency, weight saving, safety, aesthetic and comfort requirements for ships that are omni present in our customers' specifications.This new approach will enable lighter and more efficient ships to be constructed, reduce energy consumption, increase security and fire safety and improve the comfort of passengers and crew - with integrated solutions that will be a sound investment for the future.