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weber.prim 801 Marine Primer

weber.prim 801 Marine Primer
weber.prim 801 Marine Primer

Product benefits

  • For highly absorbent substrates
  • For interior and exterior use
  • For wall and floor

Ready-to-use primer for pretreatment of absorbent substrates.


Product description

weber.prim 801 is a one-component, solvent-free bonding primer.

Composition: Plastic dispersion

Product features:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy roller or and brush application
  • Alkaline-resistant
  • Solvent-free


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Product Properties

Product specificaton

Application tool Brush, roller or suitable sprayer
Drying time Approx. 0,5 to 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity
Application temperature Min. 5°C
Coefficient of water vapour diffusion resistance Approx. 1800
Density Approx. 1,01 kg/l
Consumption Depending on the substrate: approx. 150 to 250 ml/m²

Usage area

weber.prim 801 is an alkaline-resistant, unsaponifiable primer with dust-binding and water-repellent effect. Thus absorbent substra- tes can be ideally pretreated for subsequent application of tile adhesives, patching mortars or renders. weber.prim 801 is suitable for priming gypsum plasters, gypsum plasterboards and gypsum fibreboards, cellular concrete, mineral renders, fibre cement panels, concrete, masonry, cement screeds, and calcium-sulphate screeds before tiles are installed. Tile adhesives are protected from prematu- re water withdrawal and thus the adjustability time is expanded and the bonding are improved.


Pre-treatment of substrate

The substrates must be sufficiently sound, clean, dimensionally stable and free of adhesion impairing substances. Loose or flaking mortar and paint residues must be carefully removed.

Flaking mortar and paint residues, lime paint, chalky slurry coats and loose particles must be removed and the surfaces must be free of dust. Lime paints and dispersion paints that are less firm must be thoroughly dried prior to treatment.

The necessary substrate pretreatments must be adapted to the specific conditions for each construction site.

Directions for use


  • All characteristics are based on a temperature of +23°C without draught and relative humidity rate of 50%.
  • Higher temperatures and lower humidity accelerate, lower temperatures and higher humidity delay drying.
  • For substrates containing gypsum comply with the recommenda- tions of the respective manufacturer.
  • Strictly ensure that water-soluble residues of old adhesives are removed.
  • The applied primer coat must be protected against fouling and moisture.


  • Do not use in the rain, or if there is a risk of rain, when processing outdoors.
  • weber.prim 801 can be coated over after approx. 15 min. in dry and warm weather. In wet weather conditions and/ or at low temperatures, a correspondingly longer drying time is required.
  • In cold-storage rooms and freezing rooms ensure sufficiently long drying and venting times to avoid impairing the taste of food products.


  • weber.prim 801 is ready-to-use, or can be diluted with water in the max. ratio of 1:1 parts by volume.
  • A second application is required for highly-absorbent substrates.
  • The primer is applied uniformly and full saturation with a suitable tool, such as brush, roller, or sprayer. Avoid the formation of puddles.
  • Drying status must be checked with a scratch test or wetting sample. After adequate drying the following  overing tasks can start. Adhesives may be applied within 2 days.
  • Clean equipment with water immediately after use.
  • In hardened status equipment must be cleaned with weber.sys 992.

Health & Safety

Quality control

weber.prim 801 is subject to constant quality control via self-monitoring.


Since there are different conditions and requirements that apply in any case, Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS cannot be liable for other than the information provided in this product datasheet. Examples of information and conditions beyond Saint-Gobain Byggevarer AS’s responsibility (if specially pointed out or not), involves storage, construction, preparation, how the product works together with other products, workmanship and locale conditions. The information provided in this product data sheet is based on our current knowledge and experience about the product. All of the above information must be considered as guidelines. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for the intended use, and also to perform acceptance check and self-inspection control. The user is responsible if the product is used for purposes other than recommended or for improper installation.