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Weber Marine Waterproofing

Weber Marine Waterproofing products are designed to protect various parts of the
construction from water and to overcome issues caused by moisture. These modern
solutions are flexible in use and therefore ideal for ships and offshore installations
requiring waterproofing. For marine- and offshore applications, Weber has
developed a complete wet area system that is DNV approved.

Composed of the following:

Wet construction comprises four different product groups:

Tiling products (tile adhesives, joint fillers, waterproofing beneath tiles)
bitumen based waterproofing products
masonry repair systems
special products (roof maintenance and repair products, water stop mortar)

Weber offers tailor made solutions for perfect protection and renovation of bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies, basements and roofs.

 System Weber.tec 822 and weber.xerm 847 - Stepwise introduction:

1. Application of the solvent-free primer. Weber.prim 801 on mineral substrates
2. First coating on the wall with Weber.tec 822
3. Second coat with Weber.tec 822
4. Fixing og tiles on walls with Weber.set 858
5. After tile fixing on the walls, waterproofing with
Weber.tec 822 works on the floor begin one coat...
6. ...and second coat
7. Fixing of tiles on floor with Weber.set 858
8. Gouting with Weber.color 877
9. Closing of joint connections with Weber.color 881
10. Enjoy your new bathroom!