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About Weber Marine Products

Weber marine products satisfy the requirements of the leading classification societies and authorities. All weber marine flooring systems are manufactured according to ISO 9001quality standards, and to ISO 14001 environmental management systems and standards. All self-levelling compounds are approved by DNV.

Weber premix range - pumpable floor screeds

Weber marine flooring systems are built layer by layer to provide the optimum solution for each individual client's requirement. Pumpable self-levelling floor screeds allow you to achieve the flattest, smoothest and thinnest floors possible, performing to exact standards even in highly demanding environments. They are pre-mixed at the manufacturing plant, and boast the following benefits

  • Factory blending ensures consistent quality
  • Machine mixing guarantees optimum consistency
  • Choice of delivery in bags, bulk or pump trucks
  • Pumpable form minimises down time and enhances ergonomics
  • Rapid drying time means floors are walkable after one to three hours
  • Up to 300m² to 500m² can be covered per hour
  • High strength / low thickness mix minimises loss of floor to ceiling height
  • Self-compacting and self-levelling; ready to surface finish after one to three days
  • Marine flooring systems only installed by accredited Weber contractors

Weber water proofing system

Weber water proofing product world is divided into products and systems for various construction and chemical application areas. The products and the product systems are intelligent solutions for every practical case. Thus modern, construction chemical products and systems are available to applicators, architects, contractors, planners and construction workers. This is ensured by highly qualified specialists in our research and development department. For marine applications, Weber has developed a DNV apprioved complete systems.