Weber Marine Primary Deck Covering features flexible, durable, fast curing and pumpaple screed systems for levelling of decks prior installation of floor covering.

The products combine high performance with multiple benefits from weight savings for higher ROI to durability. One of the main advantages is fast installation and curing time. The self-levelling range is pumpable and reduce the installation time significant, meaning up to 300 m2 / hour of deck can be levelled with Weber self-levelling compounds. Your floor is ready for foot traffic after just 1-3 hours and floor covering can be installed inside in 1-3 days.

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All deck covering compounds

The Weber range of products are pumpable, reducing the time needed for screeding, thus ensuring installation of primary deck covering up to 300 m2/hr that is walkable after one to three hours.

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Self-levelling compounds

Self-levelling and self-smoothing products allow you to achieve the flattest, smoothest and thinnest floors possible, that will perform to exact standards. They minimise installation and drying time to prevent disruption.

Weber light-weight marine products

Light-weight compounds

Our light weight products and solutions will enable lighter and more efficient constructions, reduce energy consumption, increase the security and fire safety and improve the comfort. A sound investment for the future.

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