Weber Fireshield® Marine

Weber Marine

Weber Fireshield® Marine is made for ships’ flooring and furniture, modified through an innovative treatment that provides the panel with exceptional fire resistance, even after sanding or machining.

IMO/MED certificate that accredits its excellent results in maritime applications.

Composition based on European wood from fast-growing plantations, with excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as ease of machining, lightness, uniformity, stability and high surface quality.

Weber Fireshield Marine

Fire Retardant Poplar Plywood
  • Fireshield Marine is made for ships’ flooring and furniture
  • Each veneer is treated for fire resistancy
  • HPL Ready
  • Wheelmark-certified by IMO FTPC 2010 Part 5
  • Approved for use as low flame-spread material
  • Low weight: from 440kg/m3
  • Floor: 2400mm x 600mm, tongue and groove on 4 sides for easy installment
  • Furniture: 2440mm x 1220mm, clean-cut edges
  • PEFC certified