Weber Marine & Offshore

With more than 30 years of experience and over 100 million square metres of flooring applied worldwide, Saint-Gobain Weber is the leading provider of pumpable self-levelling floor screeds. The Weber flooring range provides high-performance floors, for any application, quickly and cost-effectively. 

As part of Saint-Gobain Weber, Weber Marine & Offshore specialises in flooring developed and tested for demanding Marine and Offshore applications. Although the name has changed over the last 40 years – from Opitroc to ABS and then Weber Marine – the quality and performance of the products has not.

Adapted for marine applications

In often challenging marine contexts, flooring need to withstand extreme conditions and the stresses of a moving structure. Over the years, we has worked with leading floor contractors to ensure solutions meet the demands of life at sea over time, as well as being easy to install. To ensure uncompromising quality and full conformity with regulations, all products and solutions are designed to class-leading standards and certified through DNV GL.

More than just a supplier

We can deliver across the full product life cycle, starting from the earliest engineering stages and specification. Once the solution has been developed, our teams continue by your side during installation and beyond. 

A single point of contact to simplify communication and guide you through your project from A to Z.

High competence and knowledge with our cooperation partners

When proposing high quality products and solutions, it is always one subject which is very important in addition to the product itself - the installation. Weber Marine floors shall always be supplied in the exact quality as agreed and in terms of function, strength, durability, surface, flexibility and so on. This is the reason why our Marine Floor Products, Systems and Concepts are applied by Accredited Weber Marine Floor Contractors (AWMFC).

Weber teach and train our contractors to perform an excellent quality to the clients' satisfaction. The contractors are regularly re-certified by Weber to receive the lates tinformation concerning developments of products and concepts. For the end-user this means quality assured installation of Weber Marine Floors that is performed according to the Weber installation instructions. All stages in the Marine Flooring application are crucial.

All stages in the Marine Flooring application are crucial for the final result. Therefore, we have introduced a qualityassurance (QA) procedure to be followed by Weber and our Accredited Weber Marine Floor Contractors.

The control consists of:

  • Quality Control of raw materials
  • Production control - ISO 9001/14001
  • Quality Control of finished product
  • Product certificate
  • AWMFC consignment control
  • AWMFC Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance of finished floor

Certified contractors by Weber are Accredited Weber MarineFloor Contractors (AWMFC) and perform all types of marinefloor installations. Our contractors are:

  • Experienced, skilled and educated
  • Trained and approved by Weber
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Independent local companies in close cooperation with Weber

Training can be performed either in Weber's own premises or at a feasible location selected by the contractor and can be arranged upon request. For new Weber Marine FloorContractors Weber will, if requested, assist with technical support during the first installations of marine floors.