Weber Marine A-60 Floor N Light

System picture Weber Marine A-60 Floor N Light

Weber, in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation, has developed an innovative A-60 classified floating floor solution. 

Weber Marine A-60 Floor N Light eliminates the need for manual handling of steel plates and instead utilizes a pumpable, fiber-reinforced cement-based self-levelling material. This material possesses exceptional strenght and flexibility, enabling it to withstand the stress of a moving structure. It has been specicially deisgned for use in Marine & Offshore constructions. 

The combination of “Isover U SeaProtect Slab 90” insulation and “weberfloor 4660N Marine Elastic” self-levelling material presents a distinctive floating floor solution. This vesrsatile design allows for multiple variants and achieving A-60 classification with a total thickness of just 45mm. 

In addition to its exceptional noise and vibration insulation properties, Weber Marine A-60 Floor N Light offers benefits such as reduced weight, installation time, and material cost compared to tradtional floating floor types.

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