Lightweight with Weber is more efficient

Weber Marine

Weber's lightweight solutions and professional involvement ensures improved business performance.

More than just a range of superior floor screed solutions

Weber is more than just a range of superior floor screed solutions. It is a variety of superbly engineered systems and ideal solutions designed to meet each individual requirement. Weber has a complete portfolio consisting of both lightweight and regular solutions, covering most requirements. These are solutions for outfitting in cabin and public areas, floor coverings, resins and more. Weight savings are becoming increasingly important. Our lightweight products and solutions ensure high quality design, time-saving installation and more efficient and profitable operation.

Lightweight partners

With our extensive experience in the marine and offshore industry we at Weber, together with our partner Saint-Gobain Thechnical Insulation, offer the market extensive experience in lightweight, great quality and high performance solutions. We offer our partners qualified technical assistance and provide a ready-made, optimal solution for your project.

Reduce weight

We offer the lightest solutions, combined with the highest performance and best properties, to the market. Our solutions offer potential weight savings of 35-68%. With Weber's primary deck coverings and self-levelling compounds, weight can be reduced by up to 68%. Products are pumpable, with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour. They are fast-setting and curing. Already within 1-3 hours after installation, the floors are walkable and can be used so the general work and outfitting can continue. Our fire-retardant plywoods, among others suitable for furniture, raised floors and outfitting, are up to 35% lighter than standard wood species.

Our range of floating floors can be combined with Isover U SeaProtect insulation. This results in effective weight savings without compromising on quality, properties and performance. By selecting Weber lightweight solutions, our partners can reduce construction costs and fuel consumptions, while releasing capacity for payload. This is beneficial for both our cooperation partners and the environment. The  values of Weber are to create great living spaces and improve daily life with sustainable solutions and services, also within the offshore- and maritime industry. Comfort is today's individual needs and sustainability is tomorrows collective challenge.